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12-Step Recovery Groups

Helping Vs. Enabling: How to Tell the Difference

Interview: Breakfast Beers, Bloating, and Blackouts

Kratom: A Safe Alternative to Heroin?

Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness

11 Self-Care Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Feed Your Mood: The Link between Diet and Mental Health

Guest Post: You Don’t Have to Exercise

Interview: We Only Get One Body in Life

Sleep Deprivation: What Dreams May… Cure?

Mental Health and Counseling

4 Statements That May Change Your Life

9 Myths and Misconceptions about Mental Illness

Characteristics of an Effective Clinical Supervisor

Guest Post: The Toll Diabetes Takes on My Mental Health

Top 40 Most Disturbing Mental Health Posts on Quora

What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Therapist?

What Counseling Has Taught Me (Part One)

What Counseling Has Taught Me (Part Two)

Why Language Matters: 4 Words/Phrases to Stop Saying

Why “Playing Hardball” Doesn’t Work: How to Use Basic Counseling Skills for the Best Customer Service

personal development

4 Strategies for Better Decision-Making

19 Unique Ways to Be More Charitable 

30 Thirty-Day Challenges 

37 Things You Can Do to Live a More Fulfilling and Meaningful Life 

161 Questions to Explore Values, Ideas, and Beliefs 

From Survival to Endurance to Fulfillment: How I Found Meaning in Life

Professional Development for Mental Health Practitioners

Psychology and Human Behavior

3 Reasons We Keep Toxic People In Our Lives 

5 Recent Research Findings on Health and Human Behavior 

8 Types of Liars 

Boundaries: Thoughts on Building and Maintaining “Good Fences” 

The Psychology of Motivation 

Resources for Mental Health Professionals and Self-Help

12-Step Recovery Groups 

Books and Resources for Therapists 

Free Online Academic Journals for Mental Health Professionals 

Free Online Assessment and Screening Tools for Mental Health 

Free Online Education for Mental Health Professionals 

Free Printable PDF Workbooks, Manuals, and Self-Help Guides 

Mental Health, Wellness, and Personal Development Blogs to Follow 

Sites with Helpful Resource Lists

Where Can I Find Help? 

Worksheets, Activities, and Guides for Individual or Group Therapy