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#JunkieLivesDontMatter (11/8/18)

12-Step Recovery Groups (4/13/19)

Helping Vs. Enabling: How to Tell the Difference (7/23/18)

Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness

11 Self-Care Ideas You May Not Have Considered (6/23/18)

Feed Your Mood: The Link between Diet and Mental Health (4/20/19)

Guest Post: You Don’t Have to Exercise (2/1/18)

4 Strategies for Better Decision-Making (7/19/18)

19 Unique Ways to Be More Charitable (Updated 6/22/18)

30 Thirty-Day Challenges (1/14/18)

37 Things You Can Do to Live a More Fulfilling and Meaningful Life (Updated 1/27/18)

161 Questions to Explore Values, Ideas, and Beliefs (2/10/18)

Psychology and Human Behavior

3 Reasons We Keep Toxic People In Our Lives (7/16/18)

5 Recent Research Findings on Health and Human Behavior (4/12/19)

8 Types of Liars (6/8/18)

Boundaries: Thoughts on Building and Maintaining “Good Fences” (3/13/19)

The Psychology of Motivation (2/9/18)

Resources for Mental Health Professionals and Self-Help

12-Step Recovery Groups (4/13/19)

Books and Resources for Therapists (4/16/19)

Free Online Academic Journals for Mental Health Professionals (Updated 11/12/18)

Free Online Assessment and Screening Tools for Mental Health (Updated 4/16/19)

Free Online Education for Mental Health Professionals (Updated 3/8/19)

Free Printable PDF Workbooks, Manuals, and Self-Help Guides (Updated 4/16/19)

Mental Health, Wellness, and Personal Development Blogs to Follow (Updated 4/9/19)

Sites with Helpful Resource Lists (4/18/19)

Where Can I Find Help? (6/7/18)

Worksheets, Activities, and Guides for Individual or Group Therapy (Updated 4/16/19)