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Mind Remake Project is a therapy and self-help resource site created and managed by Cassie Jewell, a licensed mental health counselor and addiction specialist.

The idea behind the name “mind remake” is that we all have the capacity to change, grow, and thrive. With enough kindness, support, education, or treatment, we gain the ability to rewire our brains as we recover from addiction and emotional pain. This site itself is the “project” (an undertaking or task) that aims to provide helpful tools for remaking, reinventing, and flourishing.

Mind Remake Project offers free mental health information and resources to anyone who might benefit.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Cassie, behavioral health clinician, anti-racist, and advocate for recovery reform. Initially, I developed this site to indulge my passion for writing while staying informed on the latest research trends and advances in the field. Mind Remake Project has since become a medium for sharing mental health information and free or low-cost resources with consumers and other counseling professionals.

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