50 Free Marriage & Relationship Assessment Tools

Free marriage and relationship assessment tools for couples and family counseling

(Updated 8/29/22) This is a list of free marriage and relationship assessment tools to use with couples in marriage and family counseling for assessing relationship satisfaction/expectations, attachment styles, communication, domestic violence/sex addiction, and more.

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See Free Online Screening & Assessment Tools for additional screening tools.

Marriage & Relationship Assessment Tools

Relationship Assessment Tools for Satisfaction & Expectations

Attachment Styles


Domestic Violence & Sex Addiction

  • Danger Assessment Screening Tool | Clinicians can download a PDF version of this assessment, which helps predict the level of danger in an abusive relationship; this screening tool was developed to predict violence and homicide.
  • Domestic Violence Assessment Tools | Five relationship assessments from the Domestic Shelters site
  • Domestic Violence Screening Quiz | Interactive test from PsychCentral to determine if you’re involved in a dangerous abusive relationship
  • Sexual Addiction Quiz | A brief screening measure from PsychCentral to help you determine if you are struggling with sexual addiction

Additional Relationship Assessment Tools

relationship assessment

Author: Cassie Jewell

Cassie Jewell has a Master's degree in counseling and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner (LSATP), and board-approved clinical supervisor in Virginia.

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