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Hi, I’m Cassie Jewell, a licensed mental health counselor and the creator of this site, Mind ReMake Project, a therapy and self-help resource blog. My mission is to freely share mental health information and resources with anyone who might benefit. Thanks for visiting!

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Political Affiliation & Personality

Research indicates that personality is a strong predictor of political affiliation, leading to the question: What personality traits are associated with modern … Continue reading “Political Affiliation & Personality”

25 Top Therapist-Recommended Books

This is a list of the top 25 therapist-recommended books for self-improvement and personal growth. For recommended books for mental health professionals, … Continue reading “25 Top Therapist-Recommended Books”

When You Dislike a Client

As a counselor, what do you do when you dislike a client? Have you ever counseled someone you found offensive? Or maybe … Continue reading “When You Dislike a Client”


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About Me

I am a therapist and an advocate for social reform. I started blogging to indulge my passion for writing and enthusiasm for research. Mind ReMake Project has since become a medium for sharing mental health information and free or low-cost resources with consumers and other counseling professionals.

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