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(Updated 11/5/23) Resource links to education and advocacy sites, professional organizations, self-help websites, and more

Education & Advocacy Links

Nonprofit and government organizations, educational and medical institutes, advocacy sites, helplines, online communities and support forums, and more.

Mental Health Links

Multicultural & Minority Mental Health Organizations

Addiction & Recovery Links

Multicultural & Minority Substance Use Organizations

Anxiety & Mood Disorders


ADHD & Autism

Schizophrenia & Related Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive & Related Disorders

Personality Disorders

Eating Disorders

Trauma, PTSD, & Related Disorders

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Stalking

Human Trafficking

Child Abuse, Violence, & Trauma

Adult Survivors

Elder & Disabled Adult Abuse

Children, Families, & Parenting

Adolescents & Young Adults


Bullying & Cyberbullying


Equity, Reform, & Anti-Hate

Military & Veterans


Suicide Prevention & Recovery

Grief, Death, & Dying

Pet Loss

Cult & Harmful Religion Recovery


Wellness, Self-Care, & Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness & Meditation


Professional Membership Organizations for Mental Health Professionals




resource links

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