40 Worst Comments About Mental Illness on Quora

What questions are people asking about mental health? Quora posts indicate that misconceptions and myths related to mental illness and addiction prevail. Read the top 40 most unsettling questions on Quora.com.

I turned to Quora (an online platform for asking questions) to see what people today are asking about mental illness. What I found ranged from thought-provoking to comical to disturbing, illustrating how common misconceptions are. Here are some of the worst comments and questions I came across:

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40 Worst Comments & Disturbing Posts About Mental Illness (on Quora)

1. “Is mental illness really an illness?”

2. “Is mental illness catchable?”

3. “Do people with mental disorders have friends?”

4. “Are people who self-harm just looking for attention?”

5. “Is drug addiction really just a lack of willpower?”

6. “Can a person be intelligent and a drug addict?”

7. “Should drug addicts be left to die?”

8. “Why can’t drug addicts just stop? What compels a person to continue with a destructive behavior despite the obvious problems their behavior causes?” (Note: Addiction is a brain disease, which is why someone struggling with substance abuse can’t “just stop.”)

9. “Why should one feel sorry or sympathetic for drug addicts, given most of them chose this life?”

10. “Instead of ‘rescuing’ drug addicts who have overdosed, wouldn’t society as a whole benefit from just letting nature take its course?” (If that was the case, shouldn’t we then withhold all types of medical treatment and preventative or life-saving measures… to allow nature to take its course?)

11. “Is there any country in the world that won in the war against drugs by killing the users or the drug addicts?”

12. “Why should we lament drug addicted celebrities dying of drug-related causes? It’s their fault for starting a drug habit.”

13. “Why save drug addicts from overdosing? From my experience they were problems for their families, a drain on society from their teen years, and won’t get better once addicted.” (All diseases are a drain on society to an extent; that doesn’t mean lives aren’t worth saving.)

14. “How do you differentiate between drug addicts and real homeless people when giving money?” (You don’t; find other ways to help.)

15. “What are the best ways to punish an alcoholic?”

16. “Don’t you think it’s time we stop spreading the myth that alcoholism is a disease? You can’t catch it from anyone. One chooses to drink alcohol.”

17. “Why do people who are oppressed/abused never defend themselves and have pride?”

18. “Why don’t I have empathy for people who end up in abusive or unhealthy relationships? I feel that they deserve it for being such a poor judge of character.”

19. “Why do most women put up with domestic violence?” (Most women?? “Put up”??)

20. “Are schizophrenics aware they’re crazy?”

21. “Are schizophrenic people allowed to drive?”

22. “Do people who become schizophrenic become that way because they are morally conflicted?”

23. “Are schizophrenics able to learn?”

24. “Can a schizophrenic be coherent enough to answer a question like ‘What is life like with schizophrenia?’ on Quora?”

25. “Can one ‘catch’ schizophrenia by hanging out too long with schizophrenics?”

26. “Can schizophrenics have normal sex?” (Yes, or kinky, whichever they prefer)

27. “Why do people ignore the positive impact spanking has on raising children?” (See #28)

28. “Is being spoiled as a child a cause of mental illness such as depression?” (No, but spanking is linked to mental disorders and addiction in adulthood.)

29. “Should mentally ill people be allowed to reproduce?”

30. “Should people with mental illness be allowed to vote?”

31. “Are we breeding weakness into the gene pool by treating and allowing people with physical and mental illnesses to procreate?”

32. “Why are we allowing mental illnesses of sexual orientation disturbance and gender identity disorder that were changed for political reasons, to be accepted like race?”

33. “Why do some people with mental illness refuse to work and live off the government when they are perfectly capable of working?”

34. “Why are mentally disturbed women allowed to have children?”

35. “I feel no sympathy for the homeless because I feel like it is their own fault. Are there examples of seemingly “normal” and respectable people becoming homeless?”

36. “How is poverty not a choice? At what point does an individual stop blaming their parents/society/the government and take responsibility for their own life?” (White privilege at its finest)

37. “Why are mental disorders so common nowadays? Is it just an “excuse” to do bad or selfish things?”

38. “Are most ‘crazy’ people really just suffering from a low IQ?”

39. “Why do some people have sympathy for those who commit suicide? It is very cowardly and selfish to take your life.”

40. “Is suicide part of the world’s survival of the fittest theory?”

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Author: Cassie Jewell

Cassie Jewell has a Master's degree in counseling and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner (LSATP), and board-approved clinical supervisor in Virginia.

6 thoughts on “40 Worst Comments About Mental Illness on Quora”

  1. Well here goes ..I’m a 36 year old homeless man but it was not always like this I grew up with only my mother my father wanted nothing to do with us ..growing up I seen my mother change partners more then her clothes..at 16 I was put in a group home for death threats and possession if drugs and stolen property I had a grandfather and grandmother that did their best to teach me right from wrong the best they could thank god for them…rest their Souls..at 18 I was on my own dabbled in the under world while starting work ..landedva good jib doing sorayfiam insulation. And quickly mived up to a Forman position with 3 crews working under me a company truck . acquired a beautiful woman she had a little girl we had a mortgage on a home she was a pharmacist we both worked a lot but all and all life was great we did the cottage thing on the weekends and had family outings life was. Finally what most people consider normal..well thats when my childhood addiction kinda took hold slowly distorting everything I’d worked for..I guess a guy that I went to school with and he was still not out of the drug phase moSt go thru when their a teenager so after an 80 hr work week I was saying how I’m so wiped I don’t even feel like doing anything but sleeping so he suggested I take a line of cocaine it would make me feel more energetic and yet not incopasitated to the point I couldn’t be around family…so in my typical dumbshit fashion I accepted well that wasvtge beginning of my demise a few weeks go by and I’m doing enough coke that my wife is noticeing the change as well as the finances becoming harder to control…after about 3 or 4 months the owner of the company notices a lot of change as well corners being cut in taking cash jobs behind his back etc.well with constant questions from home and work I finally give in and admit to the addiction problem to both home and at work and came to the realisation that rehab is what was needed so off I go with great support from my wife ,work ..it was a 12 month program that I stayed at for 4 months then thought I had the world by the balls again..first month or so went well work was thriveing again. Home life was great I loved them both like crazy still do as a matter of fact..but again in typical dumbshit fashion I went to a staff Christmas party got drunk and decided that a s little bit of coke won’t hurt ..well here we go again..about a month ir 2 go by and back on the chopping block I go my boss is done with the excuses and complaints and tells me ge thinks I should find another place to work this is the hardest thing iv had to swallow yet because were like family iv been there for 6 years it was all I had until I found my wife. And even still was a very important part of my life so I act like everything is normal at home and still leave every morning like usual but not to work goto my buddy’s place he had a body shop where he chopped up stolen vehicles and pieced out the parts and they sat around getting drunk and high all the time ..well the wife eventually starts to notice the smell of beer and smoke every night I come home is a bit out of the ordinary and brings it up I tell her I’m just going for a drink after work and nothing to worry about she believes me or wanted to believe me and bits dropped …well as time goes on it gets worse and worse in now steeling vehicles and chopping them up at my friends to pay the mortgage and bills at home drinking and doing cocaine everyday to get rid of the lowlife feeling that comes with the fact you see your life becoming I’m manageable but to pigheaded to stop it before you lose everything ..Well eventually I get caught with a stolen truck beer in my hand and bag of cocaine in my pocket off to jail I go that phone call you get I was dreading it but did it anyway she comes bails me out and I tell her all about how my life has really been going and to my absolute biggest surprise she dosent leave me shes still supportive and willing to stick with me. So off to rehab I go for another 6 out of the 12 months and again think I have it all under control..I get out got a jib at another insulation company and things are somewhat normal for a bit I got the court stuff felt with got a few years probation and a fine…and ordered to outopatiant counseling for addiction…well again about 8 months goes by and feeling bombarded and worn out from work all the time I started going for a cold one after work and it turned into a full fledged addiction of both cocaine and alcohol in no time so not long before I miss the counseling for the substance abuse and get breached on my probation its an automatic 30 dats in jail of which I serve 21 but I lost my jib andbtge wife has to cone bail me out again well thjs time it was different the look in her eye wasent the same the time of her voice was more let down kinda voice I don’t knkw how to explain it but I could tell her love for me was just nit the same anymore and for dam good reason…after all she has a little girl to raise and I’m doing nothing but make it harder so she says maybe its a better idea if we sepperate for a bit while I work on healing my self and bla bla bla. .well I know its my own fucked stupidity and problems that got me into that mess but blame it on everyone and thing but myself ….I give my part of the house to her and move in with a friend and start the drinking and dope. Game a lit harder then ever ….eventually going back and forth in and outta jail got kicked out decided to move across the country to run from my problems end up in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Where I stayed at a shelter the first little bit get to know a few people that are a lot like me story about the same…and get introduced to crystal meth first puff hooked mind you cocaine and drinking out the window never touched them again but crystal everyday iv done odd jobs for people but for the most part iv made my living dumpster during for treasures people throw away or collecting scrap metal and taking it back and instead of shelters I have a camp in an old abandoned basement of a glass factory that used to sit there all that remains is the basement but its shelter I have propane heat and stove I use batteries and inverters as well as a generator if need be for a bit of normalcy if you will..now i spend my days traveling around with a bike and trailer collecting metal I actually maje fairly decent money at it believe it or not I make more then when I was working and that’s a fact but like I said I got a hundred dollar a day crystal habit and it cost a lot to live outside comfortably. For gas ,oil,batteries,etc..then you got ur food and drinks to worry about notice how that all comes after the crystal …iv been to doctors and psychiatrists I was diagnosed with manic depression /bipolar disorder..I think its just a label they like to throw at u to say they did their job.. Iv got well pretty much all of my friends are homeless as well and also addicted to crystal or the new drug getting that claimed the life of my best friend and 4 other close friends last year alone fucken garbage..but when I sit down at night by myself with the fire going I think back when I had everything I ever wanted I miss her everyday and I miss her little one to I miss being able to hold my head up high and know I’m doing my best..but one thing I did realize about living like this is no matter who the person is or what they say u have or are diagnosed with or how people look at u or what cloths u wear it doesn’t mean ur a bad person or your not intelligent or you dont know how to do what the next guy can do it just means you have a troubled past and a lit of the time there’s a lot more then meets the eye..am I depressed no shit do I think I could do better of coarse do I miss my other life not a bit I’ve met some of the nicest people and fun to be around and would give you the shirt off their back that are also in my situation so don’t judge people by what they where or the sign their holding because it could be ur son or daughter someday you never know what life has in store ..who are we to judge or assume …as human beings and a society we just have to be there for one another no matter who’s doing better then who. Or who does what for work..if we could all give what we can to whoever needs it when we can the world would be a much better place to live. ..anyway I don’t know if this fits in this column or not but I had to get that off my chest there’s no room for ignorant remarks on this site ..until you walk a mile in their shoes don’t be so quick to judge them…have a great day everyone ….cheers

    1. Thank you for the reminder to withhold judgement until you have actually walked in that person’s shoes!

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