Sites with Helpful Resource Lists

(Updated 5/4/20) A list with links to other sites’ resource pages

By Cassie Jewell, M.Ed., LPC, LSATP

I have a knack for finding resources. To compile the lists for this blog, I spend countless hours searching the Internet.

My main resource list has grown tremendously since I started blogging. In my quest to compile the most comprehensive resource list ever, I came across a few lists that rival my own.

This post will link you to a variety of resource pages (in case you can’t find what you’re looking for on this site!) If a link isn’t working, try going to the site’s homepage or sitemap to look for the resource section.

Community Resources (ADAA) From the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

DISCOVER AND RECOVER: Resources for Mental and Overall Wellness A blog with tons of resources

Expert Resources from JED and Others Resources for teens and young adults

Find Resources (CADCA) An extensive searchable resource list from CADCA (for substance use disorder-related resources)

Free Mental Health Resources A list compiled by blogger Blake Flannery (last updated 2015)

Links (Sidran Institute) From the Sidran Institute… tons of sites I’d never heard of!

Links to Other Empowering Websites From the National Empowerment Center

Mental Health and Psychology Resources Online A list of online resources from PsycCentral

Mental Health Resources for Therapists and Clients From the blog: Info Counselling – Evidence based therapy techniques. Compiled/last updated 2017.

Mental Health Resources List A fairly comprehensive list similar to mine. Updated 2018.

Resources Resources for child sexual abuse

Resources (Veto Violence) A searchable resource database from Veto Violence (a CDC organization)

Self-Injury and Recovery Research and Resources Resources for those who self-injure, their loved ones, students, and health professionals

Sites We Like From S.A.F.E. Alternatives – Resources related to self-harm

Veteran Resources A resource list from Lifeline for Vets (National Veterans Foundation)

Author: Cassie Jewell

Cassie Jewell, introvert and avid reader, is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner with a Master's Degree in Community Counseling.

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