50+ Free Mental Health Worksheets & Handouts

50+ free mental health worksheets

(Updated 9/18/23) This is a list of 50+ mental health worksheets, handouts, forms, and more for substance use, mental health, and wellness.

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For more free downloads, click here for a list of PDF workbooks, manuals, and self-help guides.

For free mental health worksheets and resources from other sites, check out TherapistAid, GetSelfHelpUK, and Taking the Escalator.

Mental Health Worksheets & Handouts

Group Ideas & Topics

Group Activities

Good for newly formed groups. Each group member writes down their “first impression” of other group members. The facilitator then reviews each “impression,” and group members have the opportunity to share their answers.

Print/cut the cards, fold, and place in a container. Group members take turns drawing the cards and answering the questions.

Give group members 15-20 minutes to collect signatures. The first person to collect all signatures wins.

Print/cut the cards, fold, and place in a container to pass around. This activity works best with a working group.

This is a revised version of the Recovery Question Cards. These cards can be used in a SUD inpatient or outpatient setting to facilitate group discussions about recovery. Group members take turns drawing a card and answering the question. You can vary things up by letting group members select someone else to answer their question once they’ve finished sharing. Alternatively, group members can take turns drawing cards, but all group members are encouraged to share their answers.

These cards can be used in a group or individual setting. The last page of the PDF includes additional values exercises for journaling, clinical supervision, couples, and groups. The cards were revised and reformatted on 8/6/23 to make them easier to cut. Tip: Print the cards on patterned scrapbook paper that is blank on one side.

Clinical Film Discussion Questions

Mental Health Handouts

Mental Health Worksheets

In the House-Tree-Person Test, the picture of the house is supposed to represent how the individual feels about their family. The tree elicits feelings of strength or weakness. The person represents how the individual feels about themselves. (Source: How Projective Tests Are Used to Measure Personality – Simply Psychology)

This art activity can be done in a group setting or individually. Clients design both outer – what the world sees – and inner – the hidden self – masks. The third page has questions for discussion. This activity can be used to target all sorts of issues from body image to values to character defects (in addiction) and more.

A 2-page worksheet for exploring the consequences of addiction.

A worksheet for understanding jealousy, its impact, whether it’s pathological, and how to manage jealous feelings.

A one-page worksheet with affirmations, positive self-talk, and problem-solving strategies for daily challenges.

Print, laminate, and cut out the words.

A fun worksheet for creating a bucket list of things that the client can do in sobriety (that they wouldn’t have been able to do in active addiction).

This worksheet helps the client identify and explore their stressors. From there, the client uses the worksheet to build a stress management plan.

A worksheet for describing problem areas, identifying goals, and exploring what has (and has not) been helpful in the past. This worksheet can be used to develop a collaborative treatment plan.

A worksheet for identifying and exploring wants and needs.

A worksheet designed to help the client identify what they have control over as well as accept the things they cannot change.

Laminate and use with fine-tip dry erase markers.

Workbooks & Bonus Materials

100-page printable workbook for working through grief and loss.

A companion workbook meant to be used with the book Staying Sober Without God.

Daily Self-Inventory for Mental Health Professionals

Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Miscellaneous Printables

mental health worksheets